Friday, September 10, 2010


Наверное, все в курсе эпического твитмоба на заседании Госсовета России, когда Дворкович, Никита Белых и остальные обменялись эпохальными замечаниями по поводу твиттерения в рабочее время и не только :).

А пять минут назад прошел спонтанный твитмоб особ, возможно, менее известных, чем губернаторы и советники президента, но для ИТ-сообщества более интересных: Сергея Белоусова из Parallels, Антона Антича из российского VMWare и Петра Диденко, известного всем интернет-деятеля :)

Пожалуй, это первый случай в моей практике, когда чтение чужих твитов принесло какую-то пользу :)

Не могу не зафиксировать сей эпохальный обмен мнениями для истории (кое-что выкинул, желающие могут поискать в твиттерах у первоисточников):

sbeloussov: Wow. MSFT seem to be losing good people with crazy frequency. Something wrong with culture - the company has strong position otherwise...

sbeloussov: Then of course, with all of its strong position, it does not really manifests good cloud, mobile or consumer strategy ...

pdidenko: @sbeloussov they need to have billg@ or someone like him back onboard to create the strategy since today they just copy others, not fighting

aantich: @sbeloussov they have a strong position as in a "bank has a strong position". Otherwise too many threats and becoming less relevant daily

aantich: @sbeloussov ..innovation / technology wise. Apple, Google on desktop and mobile, VMW, Google, even RHAT on server etc etc

sbeloussov: @aantich innovation may be, but microsoft has the strongest position anyhow, just not the strong strategy... yet. Do not kid yourself

aantich: @sbeloussov they r not going anywhere no question about it. It's just that they need to reinvent their core biz as OS doesn't cut it anymore

sbeloussov: @aantich bs, vmw is just another server os, which is slighlty better for some cases and slighlty not for other. do not drink u own poison

sbeloussov: And it has not won yet, with msft simple strategy changes it cud still fight well. Vmw has no developer or isv support

sbeloussov: Msft weapons are weapons are applications, azure (which is vfabric but shipping already and with developer crowds), bpos, there is more ..

pdidenko: @sbeloussov I wud love to share your belief in msft but can't since there are no strategy and most important no great ppl to eXecute it,not?

sbeloussov: Yet, of course if msft won't change strategy - vmw and others wud win, and not knowing what strategy is must be incredibly demotivating

aantich: @sbeloussov 17k ppl at vmworld which beats MS TechEd are an indication it's slightly more than yet another OS but I'v no choice re poison

kovyazin: @pdidenko @aantich @sbeloussov If MSFT will allow ISVs to embed WinServer virtual appliances, I'll not stake a single beer on VMW OS stack.

aantich: Re ISV support - 1) we have it 2) it's not really needed as u take unmodified x86 soft and just virtualize it... @sbeloussov
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